Bluetooth Speaker Sony SRS-XB22 Extra Bass Waterproof

Bluetooth Speaker Sony SRS-XB22

All right, guys today, we are going to review the Bluetooth speaker Sony SRS-XB22. Talking about its pricing, it comes at ₹ 6999. And its price keeps on fluctuating. In this article, we will know its Pros-Cons as well as talk about its features.

Packaging Of Bluetooth Speaker Sony SRS-XB22

First of all, we talk about its box packaging. The top has Sony branding along with Bluetooth speaker Sony SRS-XB22, written below. Its packaging has Extra Bass written in capital letters. The keys specification is written on the backside of the box.

  • Waterproof and dustproof
  • Shockproof
  • Long Battery Life
  • Tap and Express Your Sound and Lighting
  • Wireless Party Chain (Up To 100)
  • Charger with most USP powerful sausage
  • Salt water-resistant
  • Live sound mode
  • Speaker and function
  • Speaker phone
  • Voice Assist function

Bluetooth speaker Sony SRS-XB22 is available in many colors. You will find it in the market with Black, White, Red, and Blue colors.

In The Box Of Bluetooth speaker Sony SRS-XB22

The Bluetooth speaker is found at the top inside the box. Apart from this, we get Micro USB cable. By which we can charge our speaker. Also, we get a warranty card inside it and a user manual.

Bluetooth speaker Sony SRS-XB22

Bluetooth Speaker Sony SRS-XB22

Now we talk about Bluetooth speaker Sony SRS-XB22, which is quite portable. Now we talk about its design and build quality. This speaker is built-in plastic. The material of a robust type is used over plastic.

Its speaker grill is also made of plastic, and the fiber is used over the plastic, which makes it seem quite premium. The upper part of the speaker has Sony branding. And here, we get the option of NFC.

We find some buttons like the live button, play and pouch button, volume up and down button next to this. Apart from this, it also has power and pairing buttons.

The bottom part of the speaker gets a lot of Sony branding, which looks quite attractive. The passive bass radiator is found on the other side of the speaker. Due to which its bass gets greatly enhanced.

I liked the speaker design very much. It has a very large LED strip. Its LED strip is not a complete blink, just the top, and the bottom blinks. Also, if we go to the rear part, then there is an IO compartment.

In this, we get a 3.5 mm AUX port. Apart from this, we get a Micro USB port. By which we can charge it. Together, three buttons are provided in Bluetooth speaker Sony SRS-XB22.

With the help of the first button, we can check the battery percentage. On pressing this, the speaker tells us by speaking himself. The second button is for the wireless party chain, with the help of which we can connect multiple speakers because a chain will be formed.

Also, we get another add button. With this add button, we can combine two speakers simultaneously and enjoy the stereo sound effect.

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Power Output

Bluetooth Speaker Sony SRS-XB22

Talking about the power output of the Bluetooth speaker Sony SRS-XB22, this speaker comes with 20 watts. Now, if we talk about its battery backup, then the company has not mentored anywhere how many mAh batteries are used inside it.

Butt Company claims that it gets 12 hours of playback. But if you talk about real playback, then you get 7 to 8 hours of playback.

Bluetooth speaker Sony SRS-XB22 Is IP67 Waterproof

This speaker is IP67 waterproof. If it stays under 1 meter of water for 30 minutes, then there is no problem for this speaker. You can, therefore, use it in the shower or in the rain too.

This speaker is also dustproof. If you want to take it to the beach, then there is no problem with it. Bluetooth 4.2 comes with support for connectivity.

Sound Output of Bluetooth speaker Sony SRS-XB22

Bluetooth Speaker Sony SRS-XB22

So now, let’s talk about its most important part of sound output. First, we will talk about its bass. The bass of this speaker is quite good. It can easily fill a small to a medium-sized house with bass.

Its vocals are very crystal clear. Talking about the distortion of this speaker is also very good. Even if this speaker is heard in a hundred percent volume, no distortion will be felt.

Talking about the loudness of the Bluetooth speaker Sony SRS-XB22, this speaker is much louder. Given its size, it does not seem that this speaker will be so loud. Overall, the speaker produces a very good sound quality when it comes to its sound quality.

Pros and Cons of Bluetooth speaker Sony SRS-XB22


  • Sound quality
  • ip67 waterproof
  • NFC
  • LED effects
  • Wireless party chain
  • Inbuilt microphone
  • Voice assistant


  • Bluetooth 4.2


If you want to purchase a speaker that has a sound quality ultimate, also this speaker is with an IP67 waterproof rating. Whose battery backup is also good. Get NFC support. Then you can consult the Bluetooth speaker Sony SRS-XB22 definitively.


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