Bluetooth Speaker Sony SRS-XB32 Extra Bass Waterproof

Bluetooth Speaker Sony SRS-XB32

Friends, as you can see in front of you, this is Sony’s best series Bluetooth speaker SRS XB32. A little specification is also given on its backside. Like, saltwater is resistant. Water-proof and dustproof. It is also hobby proof, and you get long battery life inside it. Along with this, you also get 24 hours of battery life inside it.

In The Box Bluetooth Speaker Sony SRS-XB32

The first thing you will see inside the box is Sony’s Bluetooth speaker. The LED is available inside this Bluetooth speaker. I will tell you about the aesthetics and features now. Next, know what you find inside its box.

Along with this, you are getting reading material, warranty information, and micro USB charging cable. There are three things inside this box. The most important thing is Sony’s Bluetooth speaker.

Bluetooth Speaker Sony SRS-XB32 Features & Esthetics

Sony SRS-XB32

There is too much light to lift the speaker, and there is no weight. Let me first tell you that there is a speaker of 900 grams. Almost 1 is the speaker of KG. Slightly overweight.

Because it has XL batteries inside it, which work for 24 hours, talking about esthetics, there is a rubber body. There are also rubber footings behind and below it.

There is a rubber back, and there is also a rubber panel, which is a mesh screen. Quite robust. Looks quite stable, both dustproof waterproof and it has a capability.

Also, if the saline water inside the Bluetooth Speaker Sony SRS-XB32 means salty water, nothing will happen. Even if you drop it in the water of the Ocean, this speaker will have nothing.

Looking upwards, the people of NFC are Hanke. Below is a big one from Sony, which is given above this blue cylindrical shape in light blue. Its right side has the power button with the physical keys of volume up and volume down.

Play and pause, as well as a light button, are also provided. You cannot use only these buttons to control the amount. There are other ways to control the volume.

You can also do it from the app, you can do it from mobile, and the best thing that I can see of the speaker is the LED light strip. The Bluetooth Speaker Sony SRS-XB32 has an RGB LED strip.

This means that you can control its light. Now talking about the backside, here it has a rubber panel. Under which you will find all the boats. There is a USB port here. There is a charging port, audio import as well, and if you see above it, a battery button is also provided here.

When you press it, you will know how many batteries are left inside it. The speaker will tell you by speaking itself how many percents of batteries are left in it.

Also, the Bluetooth Speaker Sony SRS-XB32 has a small circular dot to comfortably reset the speaker. But keep in mind whenever you want to close it, close it tightly.

If you do not close the container and add water over it, then both water and dust can go inside it. So always pay attention, always close this channel well. Above the power button, you will also see the power LED light.

The blue color light of Bluetooth will be seen with that. If you have to connect a device, then this light will be blinking at that time. Go to simple Bluetooth settings, and you can pair this device with your smartphone or tablet laptop or anything else.

This was some design talk of the Bluetooth Speaker Sony SRS-XB32. Now let’s talk about the application features and technical specifications of the Bluetooth Speaker Sony SRS-XB32

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Bluetooth Speaker Sony SRS-XB32 Applications, features, and technical specifications

Sony SRS-XB32

You get inside Sony’s Bluetooth Speaker Sony SRS-XB32 speakers. Two 48mm audio drivers are available that provide extra bass. In the companion, it also offers 3D surround sound effects.

You also have live mode inside it, which will enhance the sound. I already told you the weight, which is 900 grams. The weight seems lite but is a bit heavy when you lift it.

It also has the capability to make speaker chains. This means that if you connect 2, 3, or 10 speakers too, then you can make a chain. There is a possibility of getting a better sound from the chain capability size.

The basic setup of Bluetooth Speaker Sony SRS-XB32 party speakers will also be ready. You can connect up to one hundred speakers. NFC and Bluetooth 4.2 are already available in it.

This standard format, such as mp3, A2DP, HFP, can play all this stuff. The frequency range is from 20Hz to 20000 Hz and works on the 2.4 GHz band. You will get 24 hours of battery life after a full charge.

It will have to keep the light off, and if you turn on the light and run it in extra-base mode, then the battery life will fall. The battery life will be around 14 hours. Bluetooth Speaker Sony SRS-XB32 is available in three color options Blue, Black, and Red Color is available.

And if you talk about the price of Bluetooth Speaker Sony SRS-XB32 Bluetooth Speaker, then its price is ₹ 11590. Yes, guys, a ₹ 11590 Boombastic speaker can name itself.



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