Sony Bluetooth Speaker SRS-XB12 Extra Bass Review

Talking about the pricing of Sony Bluetooth Speaker SRS-XB12, its current price is ₹ 9490. And you can purchase it in the sale and at a lower price. So first of all, we talk about box packaging

Talking about the pricing of Sony Bluetooth Speaker SRS-XB12, its current price is ₹ 9490. And you can purchase it in the sale and at a lower price. So first of all, we talk about box packaging.

Its box is very compact, Sony is written on the top side of the box. Extra bass is written below it. This is the antique bass speaker. The back part of the box has some specific Mention.

Box Specifications

Waterproof and dustproof
Long battery life
Micro USB charging
Speaker Phone Voice Assist Function
Speaker and Function

In The Box Sony Bluetooth Speaker SRS-XB12

A user manual is found in the text above the box. Apart from this, we get a warranty card in it. A micro USB cable is also available along with it. Our speaker comes out last to charge the speaker. It is quite portable, its size and rate are quite light, its weight is 245 grams.

About Sony Bluetooth Speaker SRS-XB12

Sony Bluetooth Speaker SRS-XB12

Sony’s branding is found on the speaker’s side, and this speaker is an entirely plastic build. Rubbed type furnishings are available in plastic top, because of which it feels very soft to touch it.

The top of the speaker gets a metallic speaker grill, which is a good thing. Several buttons are found in the underside of the speaker. As the power button is done and there is a button for up and down the volume.

Apart from this, you can play and pause with this button. Can receive the call, and voice assistant can also activate it. Apart from this button, an add button is available from which you can connect two speakers simultaneously.

We get a charging indicator. And we get the support of these inbuilt microphones so that you can receive calls indirectly in your speakers. Next, we get a micro USB port in it.

By which we can charge the speaker. An AUX port is also found. Talking about its power and output, the speaker comes with a power output of 10 watts. Also, if we talk about its battery, how many MH batteries have been used in it?

This company has not mentored anywhere, but the company claims that 16 hours of playback is available with a single charge. But as far as I have tested it in the real world, you get 12 to 13 hours of battery backup, which is a good thing.

This Bluetooth speaker is IP67 waterproof and dustproof. So if you want to use it in Savar or Rainy season, then there is no problem in it. Also, if this speaker accidentally falls into the bridge, then there is no problem in it.

This is a plus point for this speaker. So being dustproof and waterproof, you can also use it for outdoor. There is no problem with this. This speaker comes with Bluetooth 4.2 support for connectivity.

Sony Bluetooth Speaker SRS-XB12 Sound Output

So now, let’s talk about its most important part of sound output. First of all, we will talk about the bass which our Indian users are especially looking for. This speaker is designed with the bass lover in mind.

That is, it comes with extra bass. Its bass output is quite good. Also, its high punch is also very good. And its vocal is crystal clear. Distortion is not found in this speaker at all. If you listen in high music, distortion is absolutely nil.

Overall the sound output of this speaker is quite good. Considering its size, this speaker is a success for a small size room. So, if you feel your room from the base, let’s talk about the pros and cons of the speaker

Sony Bluetooth Speaker SRS-XB12 Pros and Cons

Extra base
battery backup
Contact and light weight
Voice assistant

Bluetooth 4.2
No USB play FM
No aux cable

So if you want to purchase a lightweight speaker. You can take this speaker. Also, its bass is quite good, dustproof and water proof. Along with this, you also get voice assistant features. Also the speaker comes from Sony brand.


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