Sony Bluetooth Speaker SRS-XB402M Portable with Amazon Alexa

Bluetooth Speaker SRS-XB402M

The Sony Bluetooth Speaker SRS-XB402M price is ₹ 24,990. Do you know Sony launched a lot of Bluetooth speakers this year? Such as party Bluetooth speakers and soundbar Bluetooth Speakers.

The maximum you will get covered on this website. I will try to cover as much as possible. So today, we are going to see what are the features of this Bluetooth speaker.

And how much interest is there because you know how much the price is. The sound quality and features are all very good at it. We will tell you everything in detail about it.

In The Box Sony Bluetooth Speaker SRS-XB402M

You will find Extra Bass written in capital letters above the box of the Sony Bluetooth Speaker SRS-XB402M. On the backside, too, the model number and whatever specifications are found, all of them will be found in these Bluetooth speakers.

We first get the warranty card inside the box. A warranty card is also available inside all Sony products, which looks reasonable. Sony Company Guarantee Warranty leads in all these things.

After that, we get its speaker, and together we get a small box. Inside it, we find a charging adapter that is meant to charge this Bluetooth speaker. Now talking about this speaker.

About Sony Bluetooth Speaker SRS-XB402M

Bluetooth Speaker SRS-XB402M

The size of the Sony Bluetooth Speaker SRS-XB402M is relatively compact, which sounds quite a lot. Sony branding is found at the top. Along with this, light is also located inside it, which is the party light, which means that all the Bluetooth speakers of Sony come, and its size is quite large.

The Bluetooth Speaker SRS-XB402M lights look great. Its look is highly attractive. It gets all the buttons with Sony branding on the top side. We get the power on and off button on it. A mute button is found.

Play and pouch buttons are available. A button is found to decree the volume increments. And light sound mode button is found. Also, there is a button to turn the light on and off. This thing is very good. It also gets two ports. A charging port and a USB charging port are available.

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Sound Test Of Sony Bluetooth Speaker SRS-XB402M

In the first attempt, the Sony Bluetooth Speaker SRS-XB402M sounded great. Which, according to its price, as she looked worth. On this, we get extra bass, which is excellent for party functions. Its bass quality is also quite good.

Specifications Sony Bluetooth Speaker SRS-XB402M

Bluetooth Speaker SRS-XB402M

In the Sony Bluetooth Speaker SRS-XB402M, we get extra bass support, which will give a good quality of bass.
We get the connectivity of both Bluetooth and WiFi.Playback from 11 to 12 hours is available.

The company says that we get a battery backup of 11 to 12 hours. This becomes that through this water-proof gets a rating of ip67 and with it also dust-proof.

The build quality of the Sony Bluetooth Speaker SRS-XB402M is also quite good. Even if it falls from your hands, it is not going to happen. We find the build quality of all Sony’s portable Bluetooth Speaker speakers excellent.

We also get a live sound mode. If you are having a party, then this speaker will help you a lot. The sound will spread over a wide area. We also get party lights. If you are having a party, then you will get an excellent experience at that time.

We get angle speaker units on it so that the sound quality will be quite good. Dual passive radiators are also available from both sides. Overall, its sound quality will be quite good.

The most unique feature is the built-in Alexa. It is quite justified in terms of sound quality. Overall, all these unique features are found in this portable Bluetooth speaker, making this speaker unique.



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