Top 5 Bluetooth Speakers Under Rs 2000


Hello guys, today I am going to tell you about the Bluetooth speaker in this post, which you can buy in 2000. I will review and test what I am going to know about Bluetooth speakers.

And in the different price range from 900 to ₹ 2000 so that you can select the best speaker according to your budget.

Brix Fashion F002 Bluetooth Speaker

Brix Fashion F002 Bluetooth Speaker

So guys, the first speaker I’m going to tell you. Let’s start with the lowest range. So the first speaker that I am showing here is the Brix Fashion F002 Bluetooth Speaker.

Now, this is the Bluetooth speaker, which you get for just ₹ 900. It is available for ₹ 899. Four different color options are available in white, pink, blue, and one black color. Four colors are found inside it.

Now the good thing is that the first thing about this speaker is that it is mostly lightweight and is very small. So you can keep it in your pocket. You can carry anywhere, much more portable than you can say.

But despite being small, its loudness is much better. So you’re going to enjoy that thing. At the same time, if we talk about the Sound quality, then they are very much killer and get very good clarity.

This is a water resistance Bluetooth speaker that you can get for ₹ 900. The speaker which provides very good features. Talking about playback time, you get 6 hours of playback time here. So overall, an excellent package is available for under ₹ 900.

Boat Stone 190 Bluetooth Speaker

Boat Stone 190 Bluetooth Speaker

The second Bluetooth speaker that I have selected for you is Boat Stone 190 from Boat. And this is the speaker which you get within ₹ 999. Great looks are available within ₹ 1000.

Loudness also comes with a 5-watt output, and it gets quite good. If you talk about music quality, then you have to compress a little bit. The average base is found.

If you talk about playback, then you get a playback time of 4 hours, which is the required playback time of one. Which is not very good I can say it. Talking about connectivity options, you get the option of Aux in it.

And it is water-resistant. This speaker, which is within ₹ 1000, is offering you a lot of good things. Its the one who is the competitor. If we talk about the old speaker that was launched earlier, MIVI Roam from MIVI.

Which you get around ₹ 1200 or ₹ 1300. Both speakers offer almost everything from you. But the pricing of Boat is much less. That’s ₹ 1000, and you can get it for ₹ 1300.

That is why I have recommended you to this video. So for ₹ 1000 and according to me, Boat Stone 190 is providing a lot of good things.

Infinity Fuze 100 Bluetooth Speaker

Infinity Fuze 100 Bluetooth Speaker

The next speaker I am referring to is the Infinity Fuze 100 bluetooth speaker, which you get for ₹ 1300 i.e., ₹ 1299. And it comes from Harman, which is the brand of JBL.

So you know the name of JBL, which is of very good quality. It is a waterproof speaker and provides 8 hours of playback time. And the music quality is quite good.

Talking about the bass, if you are a bass lover, then you will definitely like this speaker because you get dual EQ mode in it. If you want to increase the bass, you can change that mode and increase it.

So overall, ₹ 1300 is offering you a lot of good things. The option of aux input is found here. But in this price range, another one to tell you here is the Boat Stone 300 Bluetooth Speaker.

If you want to use more outdoor speakers, then the option of the mount is found inside the speaker. You can mount on bicycle bikes, etc. So you can do it outdoor.

But if you do not have an outdoor mater, then according to me, the best option in my mind is the Infinity Fuze 100 Bluetooth speaker.

Portronics Sound Drum Bluetooth Speaker

Portronics Sound Drum Bluetooth Speaker

The next speaker I am going to tell you is the Portronics Sound Drum Bluetooth Speaker. Now, this speaker is a bit old, but its price has dropped. And offers you a lot of good stuff.

Earlier its price was ₹ 2000, but now the price is available for Rs 1749. It is offering very good things. The most important thing is the output of 10 votes is available here.

Door drivers are fitted with five 5 watts as well as passive radiators. Loudness is quite useful if it talks about its sound quality. If we talk about the bass, too much is found.

Meaning a banging speaker that is about to shake is that speaker. The other thing that seems good is its connectivity option. The option of AUX was available in all the speakers, but inside it, you also get the option to install a Pendrive.

The option of PenDrive is, therefore, not found in all Sikar. So in this speaker, you are also getting the option of a pen drive, which is quite good. And there is a 1400 mAh MH battery.

Gives you playback of 5 to 6 hours. In my opinion, it is offering a lot of good things within this price range. Is a slightly older model. Bluetooth comes in 4.2 GHz, but if you like the features are giving more good, then you can go for this speaker.

Brix Explorer Rugged Bluetooth Speaker

Brix Explorer Rugged Bluetooth Speaker

The last Bluetooth speaker we have selected is Brix Explorer Rugged Bluetooth Speaker from Brix. It is an outdoor speaker. It comes with a hook, that is, you can attach it to your backpack, etc.

I find excellent talk about this speaker. This option is not easily found in all speakers. The price of this speaker is ₹ 2000 i.e., ₹ 1999. If you talk about the features of its speaker, then it is a wireless speaker.

If you have two such speakers, then you can play it together. The next time both connect the Sikar; both will be connected. You get a lot of instant connection.
The other good thing that I think of this speaker is that inside this, you also get the option to install an SD card. With the SD card option, you can play it anywhere by connecting your SD card without connecting it through a phone.

Water is resistant, and the outdoor speaker is dustproof, shockproof is the rugged speaker. Meaning, even if it falls, there will be no difference. If you have a child throw it or fall somewhere outside, it is not going to break.

It is very durable and very lightweight too. So, in my opinion, there is a reasonably good option within ₹ 2000. If we talk about music quality, then you get very good. You get a lot of HD and clear sound. Also, the base is also shocking.

Overall This is a good option within ₹ 2000 that you can consolidate.


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